Upgrading Your Kitchen To Add A Little 'Kitsch'

by - 8/18/2017 08:28:00 PM

When it comes to doing up a home, the kitchen is one of the first spaces to be upgraded. It’s a social room and the appliances that go into a kitchen often get upgraded for something smarter; both in looks and in technology. The kitchen is the first place that people head to and if you get the chance to rip it out and start it from scratch, you grab it with both hands. No one wants to live in a house that resembles a building site, so planning your renovation can take a lot of time to make it a renovation that is efficient for you.

It’s not a secret that kitchens have become quite serious. They’ve always been associated with scrubbed wooden tables, distressed cupboards in pastel colours and frilly curtains on the windows. With the birth of smart appliances like these, kitchens have adopted a more modern look full of hidden plug sockets, cabinets in sleek, uniform colours with a ‘touch’ pad to help them open quietly and lots of granite and black units. This has taken the heart away from the kitchen and given it a steel fist instead. Kitchens are supposed to be welcoming and full of homely smells rather than a modern room ready for the latest Michelin star chef. Kitchens don’t have to be stressful, and renovating yours doesn’t have to be stressful, either.
There’s been a huge upswing in the number of designers that are turning toward a more retro design. Those distressed cabinets and scrubbed wooden tables are making a comeback and turning the kitchen back to the way it should be – adding a little kitsch and keeping it the homely, family-oriented room it was always meant to be. Duck egg blue wallpaper, bright appliances and crockery patterns that Cath Kidston would go nuts about are all making a very popular comeback. People are done with the sleek lines and chrome and want something a little softer back in the house. The kitchen should be a room that you love and even if it means taking out a home improvement secured loan to get it, you should do whatever you can to ensure you get the kitschy kitchen you’ve always dreamed of having. There’s nothing more glamorous than reaching back in time to a place that was simpler and brings you back to childhood days at Grandma’s house. There are some wonderfully simple ways you can get your kitchen looking chic and kitschy all at the same time, and we’ve listed them for you here:

Walls. Currently, the trend is tiled splashbacks and either white, grey or black wall paint. Paint is easy in a kitchen as it tends not to stain, but ditching the neutral colours in favour of old coffee cup wallpaper like this one can give your kitchen a breath of life. Add accessories like pictures with wooden frames and an old, fancy clock and your walls can come to life again. Not a fan of wallpaper? What about panelling? That light wood colour can make a kitchen look light and airy. Don’t forget to caulk those seams, though, and if you really want to, add a splash of colour to the panelling!

Appliances. You’ve seen the refrigerators, right? The bright blue SMEG affair like this one, or the Aga in pastel colouring. Retro ranges that give you extra burners and even a warming drawer in the base don’t have to be all that modern. Sure, go for the latest in smart appliances if you don’t want to go full retro, but it may look a little out of place! You can go a little further with your small appliances and kit the whole kitchen out, just check out these ideas.

Counters. While we’re on the subject of renovation, ripping out your countertops will be a big job, but replacing them will be similar in difficulty. You’re not stuck with just the granite or laminate surface choices, either. Embossed stone or even oak countertops are making a comeback and look stunning with paler walls. The textures can look amazing with the pastel colouring and can make you feel like you’re in a time bubble.

Crockery. There’s nothing prettier than patterned dishware on display. Think whimsical florals or pretty birds lighting up your kitchen. You can go the opposite direction and embrace the polka dots in the same way these Cath Kidston prints do, and still harness that 1950’s theme. If you have grandparents around from the 50’s, you may be surprised by the possibility of family heirlooms that you can add to your kitchen. What’s better than going for a retro look, when you have an actual retro piece with you?

Accessories. Blinds for the windows, large, ceramic flower pots on the dining table and serving trays that have artwork printed on them from are all fantastically retro accessories that can make your kitchen stand out among all kitchens. Separate your kitchen from the black and chrome options that are so popular on the market today and make it a room that looks pretty and inviting again.
There’s nothing more exciting than planning a renovation, from the wall colours to the new cabinets and countertops you want to install. Add a beautiful new sink under the newly dressed windows and watch the whole kitchen stand out in a way that is markedly different from the rest of the house. Entertaining and cooking in the kitchen gets far better if you can enjoy the look of the space you are in. A retro kitchen can be a space of calm and happiness in a house of chaos and modernity, so get chatting to experienced designers and plan your next renovation project properly – from ceiling to floors. Check your budget and make a list of things you’d like to include to get you started, and enjoy a project that could change your whole home.

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