Turn Your Dream Humble Abode Into A Reality

by - 8/17/2017 04:38:00 AM

Many people spend their time daydreaming about what it would be like to finally afford their dream home. This may be a mansion, a ranch, a condo kitted out with all the latest technology or a postmodern eco-friendly home with more green credentials than you can shake a stick at. No matter what you dream home is, it is possible to turn this fantasy into a reality. While you may not be able to purchase your unique idea of a dwelling, you could create it yourself, getting your hands dirty and building your very own humble abode. Rather than sitting at your laptop screen open mouthed with your mind blown, why not read on to see just how easy it is to create your dream home.


Location Is Key

If you have a family, work commitments and a close circle of friends, you don’t want to be venturing very far from where you’re currently situated to find your ideal building plot. Take the time to research soil quality, investigate potential mining in the area and carry out searches to enquire about subsidence. Once you have located your perfect plot, go ahead and secure it for the right price. Pay too much, and you have the embryonic stages of a money pit; get it right, and you have the beginnings of a lucrative investment.

How Are You Going To Pay For It?

Building your own home isn’t a cheap fad. The time, effort and cost can be astronomical depending on the size and layout of your home and the professionals you get on board. You could opt for a specific self-build mortgage as well as investigate loans and other sources of financial backing. You may have savings and could utilize the proceeds from selling your current property. Once you know how much money that you have at your disposal, you will be able to create an accurate budget detailing how much you will spend on materials, labor, project management and interior design.


Get The Professionals Involved

Although this is a ‘self’ build, there will be points where you need professional help. If you choose to go it alone, time will be wasted, the quality of the finished product will be poor, and you may even fall foul of the law if building regulations aren’t followed.

You should employ the services of a good architect to get your project off to a solid start. They can produce accurate technical drawings so that you can see your vision in print. This blueprint can then be referred to by all professionals on site as the project continues. Invest in high-quality architectural visualisations to see a 3D representation of your home on a piece of paper. You will need to research 3D rendering pricing options to ensure your vision is accurately conceptualized and is of good enough quality to submit for planning approval should you require it.

Chat to friends and ask if they have any recommendations for tradespeople. There may be an outstanding electrician who can work to your budget that your brother’s best friend used for the rewiring of his home. Word of mouth recommendations are the most trustworthy sources so utilize them.

Build Type

Talk to your architect and discuss the different types of building methods to suit your budget. You may wish to venture down the sustainable route and source all of your building materials in an eco-friendly way. You may build out of wood and use sustainable insulation, solar panels and create a roof garden for your dream home.

You could select modular construction to enable the structure of your home to be built offsite and assembled like a jigsaw on site. This method of building is efficient and incredibly fast but also expensive. However this way of building is becoming more and more popular, and if time is of the essence, it could be a viable option for your self-build.


Finishing Touches

As you come to the end of your building project and you are personalizing your shell of a property to create the perfect dream humble abode, make sure you keep a tight reign on your budget. That luxury roll top bath and the quartz granite kitchen countertop look incredible but are they worth breaking the bank for? Consider cheaper alternatives and spend your money wisely.

Building your own home is one of the most life affirming experiences you will ever go through. The mixture of emotions you’ll inevitably feel will range from excitement to panic and from frustration to joy as you see the slow metamorphosis of a building plot of grass and soil transform into your perfect property. So why not take the plunge and create your dream home.

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